Thursday, June 24, 2010

Smitty, the Market, and some more sewing.

Here is Smitty contemplating going down the stairs. I think it must look like something really scary for him with his bad eyesight. We actually carry him into the yard. He's so cute still, and sooo old for a dog. We walked around the block a couple days ago and he had to lie down a few times and my honey carried at the end of the trip.

The heat is so hard on the veggies. These are photos from last Saturday when it wasn't so hot. What will be this week, oh boy, we may not even have Market on Saturday as BIG storms are predicted. Did I mention the temperature? It's now 98F/36.6C, yes, hace calor!! 

Yesterday, I had such a fun time making more Purses for Change. Really, I have so much fun doing this. Today, my honey helped me choose names for the ones that I put in my Etsy shop, Fritzi. I've decided that I'll name them all (a la Ikea.) Here's one that has a butterfly on the back of it. I call this PfC (Purse for Change) Lara. Got any cool short names that might work for PfC's or for Pockets? Send them to me.


phonelady said...

oh all this time I have talked to you and never knew you had a doggie and his name is smitty how cute . now as for the names I m sure I will come up with something just give me a few days . Yes I love the open air markets but ours dont have much here sad to say .

Found art blog said...

Lara sounds like a Gone with the Wind theme.... which makes me think perhaps an overall movie theme. Famous Film Women? Scarlett, Whoopi, Joan Collins... Marilyn of course...!