Saturday, March 02, 2013

Oh dear, Saturday already? Mail Art catch up


 These are altered Chuck Scalin assemblage cards. I'm having a really good time with these. Thanks to my honey for giving me his cast offs. The woman has eyes that remind me of my mother's. Mom is on my mind a lot these days.


 I was fortunate to find several of the same notices about our state library ancestry services. There was this great old photo that I am making good use of, by cutting out the people in it. They work nicely with the old paper.


I recently received some old knitting pattern magazines. In #56 I make my first attempt at using a bit from one of them. More experimentation is needed with them.

I'm using an old show card that I brought from Paris last winter. I'm not sure this is my most successful solution with this particular card but it had to do as I was rushing to produce 2 cards on this day, since I had company arriving.
This elephant is here just for fun. He's in the main hall of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He or she is quite gorgeous. It's huge and magestic.

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Juan-Luis said...


I received #207 just over the weekend. Thank you so much. Keep it up. Minimal is good - only what is needed, and no more.

Many thanks again,