Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday, Mail Art catch up continuing

 The two pieces of mail art that I completed on Thursday used my default - circles! I was tight with time, having house guests so the default was a perfect solution. The use of the black background always make the color stand out nicely. I really like the way these quickly done pieces look.



 Friday, I found perfect bits to add to the Chuck Scalin assemblage cards. Especially the two seated women. They are a perfect foil for the serious faces in the background.

I like that I added only the small image between the hands to #60. A simple solution that changes the card immensely.


 Here we go on Saturday - altered cards again. I gave myself a big smile by putting this Bollywood dancer onto the street at Times Square. He added such life to the black and white photo. I could almost hear the music playing with the tabla percussion.

This turned out to be a rather sweet image. I'm always stymied by the bouquet of flowers card. I think this is the last of them that I purchased at the big VMFA sale a couple years ago. The little Victorian scrap worked out okay.

On Friday afternoon, we managed to pop into the Nature Center at Maymont Park. The otters, Neptune and Pandora, were asleep, but a helpful staff member woke them for us. They came down to a lower level, where Pandora proceeded to entertain us by swimming acrobatically in the water. Neptune slept and didn't even awake when his partner kept nudging him. They are so much fun to visit. I recommend otter watching to make you feel uplifted.

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