Friday, March 29, 2013

More Mail Art and an anniversary

365.2 #236
 Oh I just had to add a bird. It just felt like the day to do that. The gull also needed to be on a light background that reminded me of a pale sky. The red scrap is another of the bits from Katerina.
365.2 #238

365.2 #237

365.3 #86



Here, in the next few pieces of Mail Art, I tossed the strips onto the background. This wasn't as easy as I thought I  would be, as the strips had a mind of their own and wouldn't drop, wanting to stick to my fingers!

I decided that the black background piece really make the strips pop. The other ground weren't as effective.

Here's the other bird piece that I did the same day as the gull. Some days, things just come together!

More randomness.

And more randomness. This is my least favorite of these cards. It just doesn't work as well as the others. Oh well. Tomorrow's another day to make Mail Art.
 This past weekend was exciting in many ways. One of the things that took place, was the 25th anniversary of the adoption agency that I co-founded. In 2000, I retired from the agency. It was really wonderful to see how the agency has continued providing excellent services to families. 

Go to Coordinators/2, Inc. to find out more about the agency.

Here's my face, peeking around the corner of this piece of cake!
The photo on the cake is one that the current Executive Director, amazing Becky, found in our archives. It shows the 3 women who were directors. Myself and Sharon, the co-founders, and Lynn, who we were fortunate to have our board approve as our next in-line director.

We all thought we looked so much better now, than when this photo was taken, but we are all proud of what the agency continues to do. Pat pat pat on it's back!


Margie said...

You are full of surprises Mim.

Suus in Mokum said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. Nice to know ;)) Beauty and personality comes with age, me thinks humbly, hihi.

Found art blog said...

Coo!! Never knew you did that.... wow!

Anke Martin said...

Congratulations and Happy EASTER!!!!! Smiles to you!!!!