Friday, March 29, 2013

Mail Art, as usual, and more

365.2 #235

365.3 #85
 In these pieces of Mail Art from earlier this week, I used scraps of old paper from my collection, and strips of paper that Katerina sent me. These first two I kept simple, with the same colors for the ground.  They're like another Albers experience, experimenting with color changes.
365.3 #84

365.2 #234

I like how the lighter back ground of worked for these. They are cards cut from cracker boxes. More color scraps. These really seem to have some kind of message, but what it is, you'll have to make up yourself.
 My friend Claire has been making a pair of earrings every day as her 365 project. And they're good. I just purchased this pair, which she'll fix with a shorter wire, since I'm not such a tall person (she writes with a smile on her.) You can see her work here.
Here's a view of the installation of my work. The smallgallery inside the gallery is perfect for my little work. The low lighting wasn't a problem. The framed piece is my example of what the show was about - my Mail Art, my altering a postcard of a painting, my collage.
I sold 7 prints! How cools is that.

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Limner said...

Congratulations! Good show!