Thursday, March 07, 2013

More of the usual plus the unusual


 Monday, I switched direction away from my minimals. I wanted to try out my new Cavallini rubber stamps. Oh I do like them, having to do with postal things. Even those waving lines to cancel faux postage.


I used a nice gray card board, the backing for the stamps that I receive in the mail, and tore up a 2010 estimate for ridding our house of termites. Turned out that we didn't have any. Hah! Used postage stamps from Finland and tiny cut out squares from some other project came in handy.

Here are two more in this series.
Fun with stamps. These are from a different Cavallini set that my honey got for me awhile ago.

And the rubber stamps on this one are from my collection of postal franks and immigration stamps.

 Here's our surprise yesterday -  ususual, snow falling! We didn't get a lot but it was cold and very windy. The valley region to the west and north of us got LOTS of snow. I heard some places got 30".  Wow, memories of my childhood.
Here's another unusual thing - a snapping turtle that we saw at the Maymont nature center last week. It was so prehistoric looking. One of the staff told us that mature one's spend all their time in the water, but when it was less-mature (I guess) they used to have a ramp in the tank so it could climb up out of the water. One day, they came into the center and found this guy taking a stroll!
What a surprise for them!


phonelady said...

In florida snapping turtles are called alligator turtles . I tried to help one out of the road one time and he just snapped a big branch off a tree in half . yes they are capable of taking a finger off no problem . everyone in florida knows not to touch them or get your fingers or toes anywhere near them LOL ... yes we got 6 inches of snow dumped on us yeah whipee tons of fun not it is so cold out . Oh well my dear mim take care and have a wonderful day .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

LOVE the collages! I have all the same Cavallini stamps sitting here and I haven't been using them. Now I am inspired. Really love your work -- I think you need to publish a book of all your 365 scans -- such eye candy!
And that snow scares me. I have one day -- sadly, only one day - in Richmond coming up. Not even a day.We are driving from DC to visit my no snow please!

Rebecca said...

Really effective!

Hawwa said...

I also love the collages, very original!

Hawwa said...

I also love your collages, very original!

Hawwa said...

I'm always thinking to buy myself those stamps in order to make collages...