Monday, March 11, 2013

How did Monday get here so fast?


 Here's a group of four altered postcards. #212 is another of my honey's cards from his Evidence Box series. I added the woman in the foreground and the moth.

I think it's clear what I added in the other cards.



 I've enjoyed having the large selection of boring cards from Sylvia. If you'd like a couple boring cards to alter, let me know and send them to you. I've plenty to share.


Yesterday's and today's cards take a different turn. Totally different, right? I used images cut from magazines, some art works, some not, to create two and three part compositions.
#220 & #70 are more successful for me than the first two that I did in this vein. I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow. Maybe I like those best because I use bits of de Kooning and Sam Francis paintings in them.
 How exciting, just a few days after we had snow on the ground, we have these. The purple helibore/Lenten rose was in my back yard this morning! I was so happy to see it.
In the front garden, we have several of these plants in white and they are in bloom like crazy! It feels like spring.


Margie said...

I discovered crocus yesterday and posted about them too! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

so lovely, these flowers! Hooray for Richmond spring. Chi town still has s n o w !
xo, bb