Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching up on Mail Art Monday

365.2 #230

365.2 #231

365.2 #232
I decided to put a few of my Tiny Town prints in my Etsy shop. I had three that I couldn't fit into the gallery space so they are immediately available. I thought, why not try it! This is one of the prints.
365.3 #80


365.3 #81

365.3 #83

365.3 #82

The following 6 pieces of Mail Art were done during the past week. I was running on empty, or so I thought, but somehow, ideas came to me. How, I just looked at what was on my studio table, or in one of my little tins of cut out bits.

My friend Katerina had sent me cut off strips of color paper from her projects. They've come in handy.

Washi tape is always a favorite default of mine, as well as, the ubiquitous circle.

Surprise! We had snow yesterday. Big, fluffy puffs of it fell from the sky. Lots of those big puffs fell in a short period of time and cause havoc to reign. Lots of fender benders. We made it home okay and found our hen and her chick surprised by the snow, as well.

3 bits of paper and I have a composition!!

365.2 #233
More of Katerina's strips of color. The substrate is cardboard cut from boxes and any other source that appears in our house.

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