Saturday, March 09, 2013

Saturday night Mail Art catch up



 Gosh, these look nice as a little grouping.  An altered Picasso postcard, a bird in a gallery looking at an image I inserted, a Matisse woman looking out at us for International Woman's day! These are for my 365.2 Mail Art project.



These next three are for my 365.3 Mail Art project - an altered Picasso postcard, an owl hanging out in an architectural setting with an altered window, and a mother and child from a 1956 National Geographic Magazine in recognition of International Women's Day.

These are the cards Wednesday through Friday of this week. It's already late on Saturday and I've not scanned my cards for the day. I just finished making them, running late today because I've been busy finishing up some knitting, while watching episodes of Firefly on DVD. A very relaxing Saturday!
My African violets are so gorgeous right now. That green plant in the foreground is my miniature rose bush. I don't see any more buds on it, but I'm hoping for another little rose eventually. I am liking these flowering plants very much.


Margie said...

These are a stellar group Mim!

Anonymous said...

A most gorgeous indoor garden, indeed! So healthy & colorful.
xo, bb