Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday - the usual, Mail Art and more.


 These are my Mail Art artist melds from
Thursday through yesterday.
 Why some are tiny and others larger has to do with how they scanned, mysteriously, I had nothing to do with it, really I didn't!
I'm enjoying mixing up artists in this series. My favorite of all is the meet-up of El Anatsui and Renoir, #225. Artists used in this series are Yayoi Kusama of dot fame, El Anatsui, Renoir, Joan Mitchell, Kandinsky, Schwitters, and some artist whose names I forgot to note before cutting up their paintings. OOps, sorry.


 I would like to try to make some small pieces that are based on El Anatsui's work. I've been fortunate enough to see a number of his pieces in person. They're made out of bits of flattened metal and linked, so that "cloth" is made. They are beautiful.
Well, I've been busy with two things - my upcoming Tiny Town exhibit, and working on getting my honey a functional website. I still have a few things to do for my exhibit, and some tweaks on the website, but in general, I'm feeling pretty good about both.  Here's the tiny show card that I made to handout to people. It's the size of a business card.
Here's a framed piece that will be shown in the small gallery space that I'm exhibiting in, that shows the postcard that I use for Tiny Town (at the top,) an altered card (in the middle) and a copy of the reverse of that card. When the exhibit ends, that piece will be un-framed and the card mailed out. The remaining unaltered card will be made into the last of Tiny Town. I might send it to the Utrillo Museum in Sannois, France. What do you think? Should I do that?


Margie said...

Oh Mim! Great news about your Tiny Town Exhibit, but also about Chuck's website!!! I can't wait to visit it!!

Jane Davies said...

I have seen pictures of El Anatsui's work. What a fun idea to take it as inspiration! You GO!

uncustomary said...

Love #225!