Monday, February 25, 2013

Mail Art Monday, some clouds, and flowers



 These are the last of the past week's color and circle pieces.

It's difficult for me to stop with a series like this, once I get the feeling for it.

The possibilities are endless. One could continue to "study" the relationships between shape and color endlessly.

I began to see these pieces of Mail Art as sketches for paintings. I think that if I had a larger studio, I might consider doing large paintings again - that looked just like this.

But the reality is, I'm better off doing small works (4" x 6") and mailing them off to other people. I don't have to worry about storage this way. But wouldn't they be fun reeeaaallllyyyy BIG?
 The clouds were so lovely puffy yesterday. I'd gone off in search of something to put between two layers of fabric to make a blanket and remembered the little quilting store at Willow Lawns shops. When I returned to my car, I looked up - lovely blue sky, lovely puffy clouds.

When we went up to Washington, D.C. last week, we stopped at the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian to get some coffee in their cafe. To our delight, there was an exhibit of Orchids of Latin America. 
The orchids were AMAZING and the scent in the room was wonderful. What a treat. There were orchids that looked like corsages, and others that looked like butterflies, or crabs, or insects. And we saw the orchid plant that produces vanilla pods. I'd never seen that before.
I love surprises!


phonelady said...

I just have not had very many good days lately and Im praying about it but really I just wish someone would tell me why I think my foot will be run over any minute ? LOL just a really crapy crazy bad week back to therapy on Monday . I live in pain everyday and all I get from the drs is we don't know ? really you don't know ? man I need dr house or those drs from Monday mornings that is an awesome tv show if you have not watched it yet . Oh well dear Im not ignoring you dear just wanted you to know .take care ms mim

Margie said...

Loving this series AND your awesome mitts! I can't wear wool, otherwise I would get a pair.