Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Mail Art catch up - my 365.3s




 These last cards in the series from this past week, are the ones that I labeled for my 365.3 series. A reminder: I doing two consecutive 365 projects. I'm so nuts from this.

However, I do feel that I'm challenging myself in a good way. Every Monday, I change directions. Terrified that I won't know what to do. Right now, I'm terrified, but I'll push through it and carry on.

I like that I'm using my old photo prints. My honey wants me to use the bigger prints and make them into collages. He's very encouraging. He says he'll get them framed, but I'm like: and then what? It's sweet that he's so positive of my work.

I really like this one. There's such action and the circles are floating in space so nicely. Do you have a favorite of this series? Let me know.
This is probably the earliest photo of me. I'm the baby. The little blondie. My sister is behind me and behind her is my aunt Ann. My father, oh so handsome guy, is to my left and the other woman to my right - maybe my aunt Ruth, or a family friend. We were on the neighbors's stoop, the house next to our apartment building in Chicago. My sister said that a dead body was found in the basement of that house.  That's all I know about that.

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