Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday - catching up



 I agreed to participate in a Banana action. 11 people signed up so I had to make cards some how related to bananas. After signing up, I was like "what do I do?" Then good mail art friend that he is, Dean suggested: Do what you always do but add a banana. How simple and to the point. So I did.

This is more of my Washi tape and punched out circles play. Randomly dropping circles, this time I decided to use colors that didn't appeal to me when they were together. Somehow, this works.

I think they give a good spatial illusion, and a good example of defying gravity, floating off into the air. What do you think?

I had to get Tiny Town into the Banana Action.  I wrote on the reverse something about the residents of the town getting out recipes that used bananas. Of course, disposal of the peelings was going to be a problem.

I have two old watches. Not so old they're vintage, so they have no value, per se.
Actually, they have no value period. I was told by two different jewelry shops and a jeweler, that fixing them wouldn't be possible. Well, possibly possible if I replaced the works completely, sent the Seiko to the manufacturer maybe, and the other to some one else. Since watches have become inexpensive (or very expensive) fixing them is no long what people do. There are few repairers, and few parts. dang. So what to do with them? I just don't want to throw them into the trash bin. Hmmm, I think I'll pass them on to a person to re-purpose into new jewleery. Dang, is all I have to say. Dang!

Last Thursday, after my Spanish book club met, we stayed on at the cafe to hear the jazz group play. The crowd was large and there was lots of red clothing in celebration of St. Valentine's Day. It was a lot of fun; quite the Best evening.


phonelady said...

so sorry the watches could not be repaired . I have been working on some fish cards and Love the banana cards . wow .

PamelaArtsinSF said...

I had the same Seiko watch with the same problem and same result. What a shame we have to get rid of things that should be able to be repaired.
And I wish my wonderful mom was still alive -- I'd have asked you to send her a banana card. We used to call her The Banana Lady (I really don't know why) and the whole banana thing became a big joke....

Found art blog said...

I wonder if you could find a Steampunk jeweller in your area. I'm sure someone like that could make you a funky piece or two out of them. Urbandon (Don Pezzano) in Australia (also in blogland) may be able to advise.... tell him Beanie sent you!!

mim said...

Urbandon does wonderful photos and objects. I think my friend Claire might be able to use the watches. She does, not steampunk, vintage looking found jewelry.

xha - Adamandia K. said...

I like the banana in the water...