Saturday, February 02, 2013

Saturday - Mail Art and more



 My 365.3 series started the 1st of 2013. This week's series was made using very old paper, VERY old paper. I'm anxious to see if they'll survive their journey.

I've sent out a couple of them, but I'm waiting for the new postage stamps. I've used up all of the old denominations, adding 1cent stamps, but now I've no postcard stamps or any to make up the new amount. 33 U.S. cents. My branch post office had no new stamps. grrrr.

I'm hoping that the stamps I ordered via the internet will arrive today. I'm eager to send these on their way. Also, I've ordered a set of vintage post marks. I'm happy about that, since I've enjoyed using the ones I already have. They add such an old time-y look to the cards. Right?
 On Friday morning, I did volunteering at a nearby elementary school. It was first Friday reading day. I picked this book to read, purchased it at the local children's book store, and it was a winner! The kids loved it. I donated it to the school library. Don't you love the expression on the dog's face? The kids did.
This is just a sweet little image - these birds are salt and pepper shakers and I mostly forget that's what they are, so they sit on the shelf above the sink, looking sweet, near the bunny, waiting to get shaken.

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