Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Mail Art catch up - my 365.2s




 These four cards are all made from prints of my photos of the New Jersey Turnpike.

My process - I punched out holes in the prints with various sized hole punches.

I filled the holes with other punched out circles. I like the play of the spatial relationships.

Like illustrations for a Science Fiction novel.
Here's one of the few photos that I have of myself as a baby. I was sitting on a chair in the park area in front of our apartment building. It was a boulevard, with wide grassy areas that we loved - our private playground. In the winter, the fathers would flood part of it, and it would freeze, and they'd flood it again, and it would freeze, until we had an amazing ice skating area. We'd skate on it after school and all weekends, never coming indoors until our toes felt frozen. What fun!

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you're such a cutie pie.
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