Wednesday, February 06, 2013

More Mid-week Mail Art +


 In this image you can see how my moving car photo captures the moving lights of other cars, but I have no idea what made that line in the sky! I had such fun with this series. Now I'm having added fun because of adding the inlaid circles.

Here you can see more that this is the turnpike in that the road sign in the middle distance is clearer.

My favorite thing is when the lights create a lot of movement. The lights in the distance are a natural gas refinery, I think. This has turned out to be a fun series. Not serious, like the vintage paper series. What do you think? More playful, right?
 Here's the small Dalek confronting an unknown object.

This is a very cool chart from the Letter Writers Alliance, explaining the change in USPS rates.


Margie said...

You make me smile.

phonelady said...

the lines in the sky were made by a plane dear that is the leftover exhaust from the thrust of the plane . glad you asked now ? LOL .

mim said...

Thanks, Phonelady. That makes sense as we were near Newark airport!