Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday - continuing to catch up

 For today's mail art, I used "left over" hole punched paper. I was thinking about how nice this would look. After I put the black background down, it really popped!

Here's another for the Banana Action series.  A banana floating along while water skiers rush by.


The colors in this piece are the punched circles from  #198. Bet you already guessed that. Randomly tossed circles, colors I do not like together, some Washi tape, and voila, a composition. 

The scene is the Indiana Dunes, a memory from my childhood. I put the Victorian girl in the lagoon, since she looked a bit sneaky about something. Surely she'll get a scolding from her ma for this.

More of those awful color circles with a tape of a non-coordinating color. More experimenting. However, in the end, these always seem to work for me.

Here I used the other hole punches "left over" paper.  You can see the circles in use on the previous post. Again, the placement of the black paper as a ground makes the colors really look good. They got lost on the white ground. The funny thing is that after I glued them down, I looked at this and it was like a cute, little face was looking up to the corner to the card. Did you see it?


Margie said...

Waste not, want not! Fun stuff.

phonelady said...

Today must have been the day for craft projects because I was busy with fish cards out of heart shapes . and of course being the klutz that I am the scissor rolled off my desk and stabbed me in my leg quite a freak accident and not bad it is okay it hardly bled at all . I can assure you Im fine . LOL .

mim said...

Oh my goodness, phonelady. I'm glad you're okay. I had a student that put her craft knife (Exacto to be exact) in her plastic carry-all bag rather than her tool kit. She flung the bag over her shoulder, the knife cut through the plastic and landed in her calf! Those of us watching her leave were stunned, as was she. I think she was scarred for life in more than one way.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW! I am the proud recipient of mail art 365.3 #47! Thank you, Mim! That little gal is up to mischief!
big hugs, xoxo, bb