Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Into the new year

 On New Year's day, we went to TWO open house parties. What fun. We met up with old friends, and met new people, spoke in French and in Spanish, drank eggnog and ate home made gravlax. A good way to start the new year, no?
 For New Year's eve, I made tiny salmon/tuna cakes. Tiny, a mouthful. They were quite tasty and now my honey thinks that this is the size that I should make them always. Okay. I can do that.
 And this is the 151st card that I made for my 2nd 365 Mail Art project. "Cheers for a new year and another chance for us to get it right" Oprah Winfrey - this is the quote on the reverse.
 And I have, crazy though it seems even to me, started 365.3 - yes a third year of one-a-day. This is card #1 of the year. I pulled out the rest of the "Tiny Town" cards to alter, since I haven't made any of these for awhile. Here's what I wrote on the reverse: The residents of Tiny Town were fond of birds, but when the enormous goose showed upon New Year's day, all they could think of was - "Yum!"
 Here's the holiday gift that I received from N. Incredible! This is so amazing! Do you know the musician Beck? Well, this is his new "album."  You have to make the music yourself in order to hear it. How amazing is this?! This "box" opens up to 20 pieces of sheet music, which is for the piano with guitar chords. See more here. Now to get busy learning this music.
As a Mail Artist, I appreciate stamps very much. Here's the newest USPS commemorative, which was issued yesterday. I ordered some last week as I couldn't wait for them to arrive at my local post office branch. This is the billboard that was in Times Square (NYC.) The stamp is letter press done by Hatch Show Print. 

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phonelady said...

Oh mim Im so glad you had a good time on new years . I think I might have loved that party where you spoke french and spanish and I can honestly say both my french and spanish are rusty to say the least . I really dont use it every day and I guess that is why it is rusty . well anyways this is your friend and i have not forgotten you and many blessing dear .