Sunday, January 27, 2013

More circles!

365.2 #177

365.3 #27
 This morning's Mail Art for my two 365 projects. I'm putting away the circles, unless tomorrow I can't think of NOT using them. They are so satisfying in so many ways.

I found a new way to toss the circles onto the background. I put one or two circles on top of a big one, and while holding it, flick my wrist up. Voila, the circles pop off and land. Fun! Does that make sense? Maybe I need to do a video, ha ha ha.

This is the way they looked before I glued the pieces down. It was hard to do the tiny circles. I used a blade to pick them up. Then the background would move. I needed to glue that first but didn't want to take the circles off and reposition them. yikes. I ended up using a bit of Washi tape to hold it in place. Lesson learned. Glue background down first then toss circles. As you can see, I didn't exactly get the circles back into their original drop position. Oh well.

We had a party yesterday. I rediscovered my old, vintage, "pump pots." They are thermos jugs that keep hots liquids hot for a looong time. One has coffee and one tea in it. Notice the floral design? My parents gave them to us - one year we went to Los Angeles and they gave us the first. We brought it home on the plane. My honey didn't like the pattern on it. The next year, we visited them again, and they gave us a 2nd one! Oh no, same pattern. We brought it home on the plane. They ended up getting a lot of use over the years but I usually tied a black napkin around them to hide the colorful pattern. Then I stored them away.  This time, I left the old pattern showing as it's SO vintage. Right? I love them. And they are so useful.
Today is our actual wedding anniversary. My honey and I have been married for 46 years! Amazing. We always tell people that we got married when we were 10. Do they believe that? For sure!


Margie said...

Congrats to you and that honey of yours!

VioletSky said...

i should have visited here yesterday.... a belated happy anniversary!

and how cool that you still have both of those thermoses!! and yes, they are now a nice vintage.

chris said...

Of course, you weren't 10 - you were at least 12! A video tutorial on flicking circles would be riveting - I'd like it anyway!

uncustomary said...

Love these circle designs! I got a card from you!! Unfortunately, most of the stuff on the design side came off. But thank you so much for sending it. Also -- about yarn scraps, I'll take 'em! :-) Hope you're having a great week.

mim said...

Oh no, most of the stuff fell off the design side, oh no. I'll have to send you some thing else, more secure, and yarn scraps!

Julia said...

Happy anniversary! (a bit late, though)
I loved the mail art shown here, they're always lovely, but this ones look like water!