Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday catching up

 Here's my random circle collages from the past 4 days. I'm doing two 365 projects concurrently. Why? Because I had a moment of foolishness and flattery. Oh yes, flattery still works. But, since I sometimes make more than one a day, why not.


 Have I mentioned my process for random circles before? I might have. I used this method to teach fundamentals of basic design both at university and at the museum studio school. How I did that is a story for another post.



Making these cards: I choose a background, in the case of these I tore up photos from a book of photos of flowers, close ups.  Then I dropped or tossed random circles on top of that. I allowed myself to move ONE CIRCLE in each case. Then carefully glued them in place.

As you look at each card, try to guess which circle I positioned. I think you can do figure it out.

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