Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mail Art catch up +

 The Daleks attempt to annihilate a landscape, but it's Mail Art, which is immune to destruction, for the most part.
 Here are some more of my landscape pieces.
 I was really pleased to use the magazine images of textiles as landscape images.
 I think these worked out quite well.
 I accidentally punched out an orange circle and part of one on a fold over and got this crescent. How could I let a good crescent go to waste?
 I am so happy about this little mini-rose blossom. I purchased the plant at a grocery market for a small amount of money because it wasn't in very good shape. Probably someone forgot to water the plants!
I "nursed" it back to life - okay, I gave it water on a regular basis and put it in a spot with lots of light, and voila, it started to grow. And then a bud appeared on a long stem, and voila, a tiny rose blossomed a few days ago. Isn't this amazing?

Here it is in a temporary spot where it got a bit of filtered sunlight this morning. I brought it away from the window it was near as the temperature outside is quite cold, and the window area is chilly.

Maybe in the spring, I'll plant it outside. Or not. What do you think?

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