Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Mail Art project

An artist, who has taken my Mail Art workshop, has just completed a Mail Art project with a group at her church. They have decided to do a Mail Art call of their own. This is how I posted it on the Mail Art Projects site for them. If this interests you, please participate. They'll be delighted to receive your Mail Art, and the cause is a good one. Thanks for reading on:
 For 30 years, Second Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Virginia,
 has provided transportation for relatives to visit loved ones,
 who are incarcerated in prisons where no public transportation is available.
On the return trip, the church serves a meal to the families.
This service, our Prison Project, is provided at no cost
to the families.

All participants' Mail Art will be exhibited in a show
at the church in April.

 Viewers will be allowed to purchase the cards
with sales going to support our Prison Project.
We hope that you will help us to help these families stay
connected to one another.

Theme: Family Ties

Standard postcard size
Any medium
No Jury/No Fees/No Return
Family friendly content, please.

Send art work to :

Family Ties
Janice McMurray
1514 Westwood Ave.
Richmond, Virginia

March 31,2013

Include your e-mail address so that you can receive documentation that your work has been received.

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