Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mail Art, Sketchbook & Dr. Who

 I only have a few more of my altered cards, as I'm going on hiatus from them for awhile. I'll post a couple more, then on to some other ideas for my Mail Art.

This is #162
Quote on reverse: "Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others." Rosa Parks

Tiny Town gets an iconic Mid-century rocking chair!



This altered Chuck Scalin assemblage has this quote on the reverse - "Memory is a compoicated thing, a relative to truth, but not it's twin." Barbara Kindsolver

 Tiny Town residents love this girl's mischievous smile.
 Here's another page from the sketchbook that I made for The Sketchbook project.
 Here's the owl page, which I like very much. I used my own Mail Art as reference when creating the sketchbook. Birds and quotes and lines and circles, so me!
 This is the end. Something about me and an envelope of circles for people to add to and/or take away.
Oh look, Dalek's confront Tinker Bell. The red Dalek is a tiny torch which had been a key ring but the ring part broke off. The blue one is a recent gift from N, as was the red one. I'm having fun with Dalek's at my computer desk.

So long, on this rainy, gray, Richmond day. Have some fun today, have fun every day, that's my suggestion.


Margie said...

So excited about your sketchbook journal!!

Anonymous said...

That's all one needs to know.
xo, bb

VioletSky said...

oops, not sure if my comment went through - I think I accidentally left the page...
anyway, I love your idea for the landscapes - it is brilliant.
And I dream of watching Tiny Town while rocking in that iconic chair.