Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mom's Day & Mail Art catch up

This is my Mom, Estelle. She was in her 20s I think when this was taken. I love this photo of her and use it as my photo on my Etsy shop. On 19 January, she'll be 99 years old. Wow. If you'd like to send her a card, let me know and I'll give you an address. It's be so cool if she got lots
 of cards.

 I'm enjoying finding quotes for my cards.
#156 "It is strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our futures." Ally Condie

#157 "The one charm of the past is that it is the past." Oscar Wilde

#158 "Do not well in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." Buddha

 For Tiny Town, I write little stories. #06 - Visiting Tiny Town was a special treat for Henri, who had learned early not to breathe too heavily, cough, or sneeze during these visits.

#07 - It became obvious what dessert would be at the Tiny Town community dinner that night.

#08 - Paulette had several points of view on every subject. The residents of Tiny Town preferred that she visit infrequently.

I amuse myself with these pieces of Mail Art. Are there any other stories that you can come up with? I'm open for any ideas.


chris said...

I do love Tiny Town - Henri looks like he could be up to mischief.

VioletSky said...

Congratulations to your Mom (and I would send her a card)

---the strawberry tried to disguise itself

mim said...

Oh, thanks. And I really like the idea that the strawberry was in disguise. Dang, why didn't I think of that one. ha ha ha

Margie said...

Honestly Mim, I don't know how your mail art gets better and better! Not sure how it can, but seems to me, it does. Send me your Mom's address. I would love to send her best wishes! You surely have longevity on your side. Yay!

Limner said...

Glee made me applaud! Yes! I get such a kick out of Tiny Town. Thank you. :)

Limner said...

I would like to send your mom a card. :)