Monday, December 31, 2012

Some holiday memories and last Mail Art of the year.

Rhea's snowflake
 We had a winter's Solstice party and this is Rhea's snowflake. I really like it very much. Julie brought origami paper and it was the best for this activity. I didn't remember how to fold snowflakes - thank goodness for the internet, where I found a tutorial. What fun. Make some of these. You'll like it.

Today is the 150th day since I started another 365 Mail Art project. I'm thinking of starting a 3rd tomorrow along with a new group at Andy's Mail Art 365. I'm still not sure about this but am leaning towards doing it - that means 2 cards a day, and 2 record keeping booklets. Yes, I keep a record of cards made and to whom I've sent them; except, when I forget like with #100! dang.
 Our friend Greig Leach, a fabulous artist, has been making 12 Days of Christmas cards for the past 10 years. We are lucky recipients of them. Eventually, I'll make an accordian book with them so I can display them together. They are wonderful. Aren't we lucky to be on their Christmas mailing list?
 These are praline cookies. They were crispier than I thought they'd be, but yum good. I'll be posting the recipe on my recipe blog later today.
 I'm back to knitting. I sold several pairs of mitts at a small craft market this season. I only put one pair in my Etsy shop, but am busy making more of them. This is a wool yarn from Michigan, USA. Christmas Red is the color name. Soft and warm. I made 3 pairs in this color cause I liked it so much.  I've bought some new yarn from my fave shop, The Yarn Lounge.
 We spent Christmas day with our niece and nephew, watching Young Frankenstein and eating. Our nephew made us his famously delicious deviled eggs, tinted for the season. Here he is displaying them on one of his many deviled egg dishes. He has quite a collection of them.
 We had a gift exchange at our book club last night. My son got MY name. How fun is that!? He gave me such a cool  gift.
This little put together Dalek character, for instance, shown here with peanut for scale.
Dalek tries to obliterate a peanut!
 But here is the main gift - a salt and pepper shaker set. The Tardis is the salt and the Dalek is the pepper. How cute is this? Okay, come out and tell me if you are a Dr. Who fan.

Do I have fun or what?


Margie said...

Your son is a member of your book club?! And he drew your name? Awww! You are blessed dear Mim!

VioletSky said...

Yes, another Dr Who fan!
Who could resist a Dalek pepper shaker??