Sunday, September 09, 2012

More Mail Art Out & In

 Another large piece of board was at hand so I laid out some random pieces of colored paper and circles.

Results - 2 cards below.


I was surprised at how the circle on the blue color add such a lot of depth to the piece.

I like the way the bottom part cut off in just the right way, randomly. The bits mainly being at the bottom, yet the circles lift off and give a lightness to the piece.

I found a lovely art postcard in a pile from our last trip to Europe. A mixed media collage by Henri Laurens, from 1915. I added all of the circles, of course. I think it really worked out well. I hope Henri would have liked it. 
I received an envelope from Pierpaolo Limoncelli in Bari, Italy. It had an "add & pass" (oh no, now I'm obliged to do something & pass it along, but to whom?) some stickers and some microfiche. The Microfiche is labeled " Preparing for an uncertain Climate Volume 2...Unted States Congress." WOW! Wonder where Pierpaolo got that!


sghinopaullimo said...

Dear Mim,
you can add something to the sheet and then pass it to Jennifer Kosharek, for example
see her blog here
or to Rachel Freeman

I received the microfiche by Fleur Helsingor.
bye with hug

sghinopaullimo said...

Dear Mim,
you could send the add and pass to Jennifer Kosharek or to Rachel Freeman.

I received the microfiche by Fleur Helsingor.

bye with hug

mim said...

Thanks pierpaolo, I know Jennifer, met her recently. Also, know Fleur through the mail. Thanks for the suggestions where to send the add & pass next. Thanks for commenting on my post with the information. ciao and abbracci.