Friday, September 28, 2012

Mail Art and more NYC



 Okay, I'm going through a phase it seems! People in the lower corners of the compositions is trending! As well as, dots! and a bit of Washi tape thrown on for good measure, at times.

The women in these two cards are from very different eras. I love that the hair styles are similar.  I'm using cardboard cut from cereal and cracker boxes. I'm so fond of the color and texture of that.

Here I used two pieces of paper that were right at hand on my table. The black paper and the woman were perfect together. I added random text to make a sort of poem. The woman is so happy doing her job, whatever that is. Well, maybe not "happy" but wait, she's a model. Of course, she's happy. She's pretending. I love old advertisements.

This photo was taken at the top of The New Museum located on Bowery St. in lower Manhattan.
 I was pointing north west and captured a bit of the building surface. It was so cool to look down on the street and to look across Manhattan, and yet not be TOO high up.  We saw an excellent exhibit on holograms and "Ghosts in the Machine," which was very cool!
 Here's the window of a tiny shop - with the name there and a subtitle of Shop Mom & Pop. There were all sorts of handmade items, mainly made by people in New York, or in the U.s. Everything from Soaps to Childrens' toys. Very cool little place. If you're in the West Village, stop by and say "Hi."

We were so happy that we saw these sculptures, after having seen the exhibit at the Whitney of the work of Yayoi Kusama, and also, the windows of the Louis Vuitton shop in Chicago (remember that post?) 
These sculptures were in the park along the Hudson River. There was a sign saying NOT to sit or lay on them. ha ha ha ha, who reads signs?! People were really enjoying these. Click HERE for a link to see more of the park and a building on 14th St. wrapped in her work.

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Heather said...

Hello! #53 & #54 postcards are LOVELY!!! I could not stop looking at them!
Hope you are well!

-Heather the mermaid girl