Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back home, catching up

 We went up to New York City to celebrate the launch of our kids new business and our daughter's birthday. A quick trip via the train. Well not quick cause the train ride is 6 hours long, but the stay was short.

Here's the old U.S. Post Office that is across from the train station in NYC. It's one of those wonderful old buildings. I think it's being converted into something else. I hope not condos!
 This is the building still under construction at "ground zero." We've been watching the progress. This time we are closer to it, down on the west side of Manhattan in the Tribeca area.

I added 4 circles and a piece of paper with holes in it to this. To me, it now looks like figures on a boat with portholes. What's it look like to you? It's an altered postcard.

Someone sent me an Artist Trading Card and I wanted to send one back to them but not in an envelope. I made the ATC, then I attached it to the front of a postcard with Washi tape - my new one with stars on it. I like the way it turned out. The recipient can peel off the tape to get their ATC (which is in a plastic sleeve) or just leave it like it is.

I decided that it was time for another collaged piece of dead technology to go out. I like that the information on this is unreadable, a mystery that will remain forever locked in this plastic thing.

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