Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mail Art, some cool Jewelry + clouds

 I'm being so minimal, I love it. 3 pieces of paper. That's it.  I used a piece of paper torn from a magazine & then turned it upside down. I like that it almost looks like right side up houses. I tucked a little face under that piece of 1906 receipt paper for a change in the spatial feeling. Pushing back and forth.

Basically, 2 pieces of paper and then 3 dots. Still minimal. I think this ubiquitous face gets changed up a bit by being cut out of her background. What do you think?
 We were crossing the river when I noticed the high clouds. Shot this through the windshield as we crossed the James River.
 Friday morning, walking up to the Science Museum for Spanish Meet-up, a lovely planting on the sunny side of the little wall. The sky was cloud-less.
 The woman who is going to do some repair work on our tiny garage is a jewelry maker. She brought in a basket full of her pieces. Here are a few. They're wonderful. I love jewelry that is based on nature like this. She even has some silver twig earrings cast from real twigs.
 You know how I love birds (& clouds & dots) so I was attracted to these little circles. Janine punches circles out of vintage tins. How cool is this!
Here's a close up of one pair. Janine doesn't have a web site or a blog or an Etsy shop. She is looking for a shop to put her work in but I've encouraged her to open something on the web.

If you'd like to see more of her work, or talk to her about prices, you can e-mail her. Just send me a comment, include how I can get in touch with you, and I"ll send you her e-mail. Really, if you like nature jewelry, she's doing some terrific pieces.

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Anonymous said...

so, have these lovely leaf earrings become YOURS? they match your nice nails! xo, bb