Friday, September 14, 2012

Mail Art and plus.


 I have two of these images of this little boy, one a bit bigger than the other. I like his very direct look, don't you? He was holding onto a camel's lead, but I didn't want a camel in my composition, so I gave the boy a big dot to hold onto.

I found out that tomorrow is International Dot day. For real! I hadn't known about it, but isn't it perfect for me?

On day 42 of 365.2, I've altered a Roy Lichtenstein painting. It needs a good title but I haven't thought of one. Any help would be accepted.
 This is the view from my studio window. A view of our giant holly tree, which is home to lots of little birds. I put a cut-out "bird" on the window so they wouldn't thump against the glass. They must knock their brains about; but, I've yet to find one lying on the stoop in front of the door, which is below this window. I hear less thumping now that the silhouette is there. 
What is this? Am I going on a trip? This is what I'm bringing to my Mail Art workshop tomorrow. 9 bags/containers full of stuff. I'm bringing paper scraps, postcards, colored paper, tools, reference books, catalogues, a sampling of received mail art, and magazines to cut up. I'll be making several trips to get it all downstairs, then it'll go into my grocery trolley/shopping card, then into my car, and then reverse it all at the VMFA Studio School. I'll be leaving early in order to be all set up by the time the participants arrive. I'm excited about sharing this again.

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