Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mail Art made while on holiday





I made these cards while on our brief holiday in NYC. Card #48 was made on the train using images cut from the Amtrak magazine. I had a little bag of circles and added these which were punched out of the remainder of a sheet of postage stamps.

I made this using scraps that I'd cut from the magazine, while we were in the place we were staying in Manhattan. A shared apartment in the lower Lower East Side (LES) I'm not sure how successful the green dot bits are in the water.

As you can see, I used bits from museums that we visited in this one. I'm sending it to a couple that sat next to us at the cafe in MoMA. They were visiting for a few days on their way home to Tahiti. I got to speak French!

Again, using bits from from the Amtrak magazine and my ubiquitous circles.

This is the one that I made on the train, on the way back home. It was a pleasant ride, in the quiet car, with nice memories of a short but excellent holiday.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Love these, Mim -- I love mail-art on the road! Sure wish i lived closer to NYC.

mim said...

And I wish I lived closer to San Francisco!