Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Mail Art, of course & more

 Back to dots for me. I decided to do a random piece again. I had one larger piece of cardboard and worked on top of that, knowing approximately what size I'd eventually cut out.

I grabbed pieces of paper out of my envelope of colored paper. And as they came out is how I placed them down.

I had cut a bunch of circles out of a catalog before I recycled it. I tossed a few down on each area of colored paper.  I moved a few of the dots around but for the most part, they are glued down where they landed.
 Here's the board before I cut out the 2 postcard sized pieces. I really like the way these turned out. I'm going to do this again.
 We had lots of apples from last weeks fruit share so I decided to make a cobbler. It was really good.
 While I was preparing the apples, Other Mim stopped by to visit and bring me a large bag of postcards from her Mom's shop. Wow! My Mail Art workshop students will have lots to choose from. Thanks, Sylvia.

Mim took home the peelings and cores for her compost pile. I stuffed them into a long bag and they looked very nice that way. I was glad they didn't go to waste - organic!

This insect was on my front steps. It was dead. I don't know what it is. Do you?

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