Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mail Art, of course, and more

 Here's more of my old maps of Paris and a bit of a receipt from 1906. This old paper is suprisingly sturdy. It makes me happy to use such old material, give it a new life, in a way. Doesn't that circle look transparent?

I really amuse myself with alterations like this. We got this card at Guggenheim Bilbao. It's the gigantic Richard Serra installation, but look how tiny I made it look with the added people & circle! Someone asked if they were getting dizzy - ha ha ha - like an amusement park ride!

Here's a little figure and some circles, which create an entirely different feeling. I think the circles being different sizes and textures gives the piece a lot of depth.

Oh, my, I'm at day #40 of my second 365 project. How crazy is this?

Although it was a bit gray out, I wanted to take this photo this morning, and show you how wild my 4 0-clocks are now, at the end of their season. I'm so pleased to have several yellow flowering bushes this year. My favorites! The scent is excellent in the evenings.

I made lentil soup yesterday morning. It was cooler outdoors and felt almost like autumn. Soup weather! This is a new recipe and I think it's now my favorite lentil soup recipe. You can try it. It's quite simple. Click HERE for the recipe. Let me know if you make it and how you like it.
I show the soup here in a tiny white bowl with a tiny porcelain handled demi-tasse spoon.  So cute!

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