Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mail Art, clouds, rain, New Year

 Here I've altered a painting by one of my favorite painters, Richard Diebenkorn. I don't know that he's appreciated my dots, but look, they're "flavourful!"

And here's another painter that I like - Kandinsky, who is featured in Mona's thoughts. An altered Mona!


I got an  inquiry from Chris in Brisbane, Australia, about my circles. Did I use a punch and I do! She was going to try to get one. In the meantime, I decided to send some punched out circles to her.  I altered a Max Ernst painting with circles, tucked it in to a sheer envelope with some circles and taped it shut. THEN I remember that I hadn't scanned it. So here it is scanned in envelope and I LIKE the way it looks. The reverse is the address, of course. I hope it gets all the way to Australia okay.

This card was made for Laurance's grandmére in Nancy, France. She said that gram liked to fish as a young woman so fish would be nice. But I thought a rose and an old movie star would be a nice addition. I hope grandmére likes this card.

 Oh the sky was lovely the other day. Check out those clouds. We were driving to Portsmouth, and I got this as we were headed to the interstate.

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 Today is a stormy day. I pulled into the parking lot at the supermarket, looked out the window and saw the flag though the rain. It looked so spooky.

Then I stepped out of the car and the wind was so strong that the flag was totally unfurled!
 We had family over on Sunday afternoon for a big dinner to celebrate the Jewish New Year. The food prepared by our niece was scrumptious & our nephew's apple pie YUM. I made my Neat balls and tried a new barbeque sauce recipe from the cookbook Veganomicon. So yummy. 
Here is my little plate of cut up apples and honey.
This is the flower arrangement that my honey made in a small glass. He went out to the back garden and cut some greens and a hydrangea blossom. It sure looks professional, doesn't it?

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