Monday, August 30, 2010

Momz Toyz

A Rooster and a bunny with a flower

Bear with heart sweater

A curly lamb and a bear in a skeleton costume

Bear with hoody

kitty with a beret

Look who's on the TV!

tiny Schnauzer pup

Poodle dog and Polar bear


Bear, Dog, Owl

Monkey with necklace

Penguin, Lady Bug & Armadillo
Bear and Monkey, both make sounds
I've decided to capture all of Mom's stuffed toys. I have a couple more to photograph before I head home. She loves all of these little guys/gals.


Felicity said...

Those boys and girls are all so cute. I'm glad your mom has such sweet company. : )

phonelady said...

I hate to say how many of these I have and wish i could photograph all of mine . wow when I think of how many shots it would take it is time consuming . LOL !!! LOve it .

Found art blog said...

I love your Mum's toys!!! I have an art supplies barter going on, if you fancy swapping supplies. let me know. And pass it on!!