Monday, August 16, 2010

Some pool pix and more Pockets

How peaceful the pool looked this morning. There was no one there when we arrived, as usual, at 7h50 in the morning. The water actually felt cool for a change.

Once we got into the pool, the water made these lovely patterns. They remind me of the impressionist painters.

I had to take another photo of the little "Oh, no!" face for you to see. Cute, huh?

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phonelady said...

I hope you are well and doing well . I have alot of issues right now and I am still searching for 2 mo old baby clothes , and hope to find some soon . I m giving all my issues to God and praying on them everyday cause that is the only way I know how to cope .So please if you are of the praying nature I sure could use some extra prayers being said out there . But it is all good and God is good .No matter what happens everything will work the way it is supposed to work . God is in control .