Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in L.A.#2

Because I returned to spent time with Mom, giving my sister a chance to help her daughter, a new mom, I'm inside with limited view of the world. Here's what my first day looked like. Very sunny and hot!

Mom is still reading a lot. I brought her several new paperback mystery novels. She sits in her chair and reads and reads. Look at the books lined up for her. Notice her knitting needles and a completed scarf on top of the books. When she's not reading, she's knitting scarves. What a gal!

Here are a few of her stuffed animals. She has a large collection of these little items and loves them all. I think the one that's looking straight out at me is an aardvark!


My sister's first grandbaby is only 2 weeks old. I was able to get a break last night and visit with her. What a cutie! Check out all that dark hair!

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