Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cooling off and Andrea Mail

I headed this "cooling off" but being in the pool is not quite like that. The water is tepid due to our hot weather. It's refreshing though because it's salt water and recently was treated with Vitamin C to clear the algae. Very healthy water.  The pool is located near our major north-south interstate highway, which goes from Florida to Maine. You can see an exit sign just beyond the sound barrier wall. We can hear the rush of traffic sounding like the ocean, except when an emergency vehicle goes past and then you KNOW it's a highway. We go almost every morning, early, to exercise. It's just us and our son and usually no one else, like a pool in our own backyard. Lucky us!
My nail polish "Iris" matches buttons!
Yesterday, I got a lovely package in the mail from Andrea. She sent very cool African print fabric and terrific buttons. Her note was on the reverse of one of her water colour sample cards. Read about Andrea here. She does wonderful water color paintings.

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Found art blog said...

Glad it arrived safely, and thank you for the "advert"!!! The word verification for this is "Balls" but I hope that's not in response to your opinion of my paintings...""