Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What happened?

 I forgot to put these images on yesterday's post! I mentioned them in the title, but then forgot about them. I was so taken by the little "Oh, No" face, I guess.

I've been enjoying my tuned-up sewing machine sooo much. I can't stop making Pockets! Here are 2 more from the Panda fabric, the last of it. One of these is going to L.A. for one of my nieces.

These black and white Pockets are made from a heavy weight Ikea fabric. One of these will make the trip to L.A. for another of my nieces. I have more of this fabric, which is fun to work with because of the way the print is laid out. I get different placement on each pocket so no two are alike. I like it that way!

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phonelady said...

You are such an awesome seamstress . I value all that talent you have .God bless you .