Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back in L.A. Cake, Nail Polish and some Art

I'm back in Los Angeles, arrived last night, but still on Eastern Daylight Time, so I"m three hours off, which means that this post will be off, too. hmmm. Anyway, it's very hot outside, I poked my head out awhile ago, but I'm staying in with the A/C on. Mom is busy reading. I brought her a few new paperback books to read and she has already dived into one of them. I have no new photos from this trip yet, as they'll all look pretty much like the ones from last April. However, tonight I get to meet my new great-niece, Paloma. I'm pretty excited about that. I may even posted a photo of her. In the meantime, here's a photo of my chocolate cake, using a recipe shared by Paula. You can find her book and recipe blog here.
I got some new nail polish, you know how much fun I have with that. This color is a pale green that's sparkly and holographic!
I hope that you can see how flashy it is.

I'd been working on a series of collages for a book project in Spain. 18 pieces were required for an edition of books of all original pieces. We were asked to make an original and then do 18 copies, then make each of the copies a bit different. This is one of the 18 pages I sent off before I left home to come to California. I was pleased with the results of the series and look forward to receiving my copy of the book in the fall. I'll post images of it.

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