Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vintage Tea Towels and Pandas.

My younger sister sent me some tea towels that had belonged to our mom. I was able to make some cute Pockets out them. I like these Pockets so much that I went to look for more Vintage Tea Towels on-line and my goodness, the ones that were nice like these were $20 (usd) each!! I'm only charging $20 (usd) for each Pocket. I might have to start going to flea markets (which is not something I particularly enjoy doing.) $20!!!

I found some red panda print fabric. It's a heavy 100% cotton, made in USA (rare) stashed in a trunk. It's from the 1970s. I put it through the washing process twice and the musty smell went away. I think it made a cute bag. The pocket on the inside has a panda image on it, too. Cute!

These will be for sale at the street fair on Saturday. Whatever doesn't sell, I'll put into my Etsy shop.


phonelady said...

those are uber cute and ooh lah lah . You should charge 20 dollars a piece for them as well . I think that they are way more than worth it . You do beautiful work and you should charge for it .

Lesa said...

Love the vintage towels! Your pockets look so cute!