Friday, August 20, 2010

Mail Art

MidWest Parrot

MidWest Deer
These two pieces are going into the mail today. MidWest Parrot is headed east across the Atlantic to the U.K. MidWest Deer is headed west to Texas, USA. I used parts of an old Geographic Survey map of Illinois for the background on both of these pieces. Most of the old maps I have a topographics but I did get a few of these early photographic ones. In this day of web satellite maps of the earth, these maps seem so quaint. Black and white, low resolution, and yet so interesting to me. They are pre-interstate highway system for one thing, and the towns are so small for another. I'm fascinated by them but they must be used not just stacked in a pile under my studio table.


phonelady said...

you are a mail artist too !! gotta love the mail art . woo hoo she works hard for her money , she works hard for her money toot toot !!

Felicity said...

I love these, especially the deer. : )

muriel frega said...

Nice postcards, Mim. I also like the one with the deer. Cheers from Buenos Aires.

Carolyn Hietala said...

I love these....will have to make some myself sometime. What a great idea!
Carolyn in Richmond ;0)