Sunday, September 05, 2010

A bit of this and that.

I left Los Angeles last Wednesday. The day started early as I had to catch the 10h30 bus from Van Nuys airport to LAX. The lines for security were long and it's all so tiring!
The flight was full but it was a smaller aircraft than scheduled and 50 volunteers were needed to give up their seats. I wasn't volunteering, I wanted HOME! I had a window seat so was able to get a few images of the departure. I really like looking down a the landscape.
Aloft, leaving L.A.

A marina, notice the wakes of the little boats.
My flight went directly from Los Angeles to Washington DC Dulles airport. 5 hours later, we were on the east coast but my body clock didn't arrive with me. I had an hour wait before my flight to Richmond, a short 30 minute hop. By the time I arrived home it was nearly midnight.  I've been jet lagging, tired, ever since I got home. aaagh, I need to catch up!  I've sooo much to catch up on.

Mom's pink bunny

Here's the last of Mom's stuffed friends. This one sleeps on her bed. It's really big and she really likes it.

Mom's kitty
This little kitty sits outside mom's door. It used to have a plant in it but now it's empty. Mom keeps saying that she's going to do some planting but that's wishful thinking. Nice thinking, however, not happening. 

Found in my mail box
When I got home, I had some nice Mail Art waiting for me from Found-Art, letters from two correspondence friends, and a postcard from Postcrossing from China. So nice to come home to real mail. 
Gorgeous cake pan!
I'd hardly settled in, when I remembered we had to go to a birthday party and I was signed up to bring a cake. So, my trusty gorgeous pan to the rescue, whew, another smashingly interesting chocolate cake! (secret recipe: a box mix! Don't tell anyone, shhhh.)


Felicity said...

The shape of that cake is so enticing!

phonelady said...

Oh my yes nice to leave but so much nicer to come home . I so know the feeling . Oh well have a wonderful week .

Paula said...

What a beautiful blog -- and I love the cake pan! Do you know where I can get one like it?