Saturday, September 18, 2010

An old cook book

I was going through a book shelf in my TV room, where I keep books that I've read and might re-read. I discovered that I still had my first vegetarian cookbook. I received it, in water damaged condition, from a new colleague of ours when he learned that I was new to not eating meat. I gave up meat in 1979, November of that year, to be precise. I remember it clearly because it had to do with a very large turkey that I was preparing to cook and my dog Saffron, who was rolling on his back wanting to be petted. I won't go further with the image but that was the end of my meat eating. Anyway, it was fun to find this old friend. I looked through it but only remember using one bread recipe, and maybe, I used the part about how to sprout things and how to make yogurt, maybe. I'm going to post the bread recipe here.

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Paula said...

Old cookbooks are the best!