Tuesday, September 14, 2010


honey cake
vegan tea cake
I made a honey cake, traditional for the Jewish New Year, so that all who eat it can have a sweet year ahead. I posted the recipe for this and the vegan tea cake on my new recipe blog here.http://mim4mail.wordpress.com
We had family visiting us including our little guy from New Jersey. Since he's allergic to eggs the vegan cake is perfect. I laid out the ingredients and he made the cake himself.

One night, we had fish tacos, which everyone loved. Another night, we had salmon and chicken and salad (a feast,) and we dipped apples in honey, which is another tradition for a sweet year.

Check out my recipe blog. It's my old VOX blog which has been switched over to WordPress because VOX is shutting down. Now I have to acclimate to a new platform. It's different but I'l get the hang of it soon. Come see me here.


phonelady said...

so glad you are enjoying this time of year so glad it is cool enough to bake . I will be glad when the 80s are gone . LOL !!!

Paula said...

Bookmarked your recipes blog! Love it! We don't do too bad for two ladies who grow up in the pre-computer years!