Sunday, June 15, 2008

NYC, art galleries and food.

We're visiting our daughter and cousin this weekend. On Friday, we went into the Chelsea neighborhood to "do" art galleries. There was a Lee Bul exhibit, showing some of the pieces we'd seen in Paris last fall. Chuck is looking at one of the "chandeliers" while I was inside of a small black stucture. We came across a neat exhibit of older work by Ettore Sottsass and I couldn't resist a reflection photo. We, also, went into a small Japanese gallery/shop and we really excited by the work. We had lunch of a crepe (apricot preserves with banana slices) made by an Argentine man from Mendoza at his cart. We sat on the ledge by a window across from the cart and ate it. It was muy delicioso. After much walking, and stopping at a Japanese book store to look at wonderful books and have a coffee, we checked out Moma and the Design museum, which is closing and moving to a beautiful new space in September. We met Mica after work and had dinner at Morandi, with a literally cool dessert to end the day. Lemon-mint granita! A long but lovely day, and the weather cooperated, too.

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BabsLee said...

hey kids! looks like you're having a great time...wish Mim's reflection image were larger...she looks neat! Chuck, love you dearly, but you must get more BLACK into your wardrobe. If this is the 2nd post comment you've received, it's 'cause I've had trouble doing the Google/Blogger thing. xo, BabsLee