Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good eating....

Here are a few images of the good food we ate while on our trip to NJ/NYC. On our first night, we had Italian food (previously I showed you the lemon-mint granita dessert) at a restaurant where the pasta is all handmade. I had a pesto on little twisted pasta. It was so delicious. On Saturday, after seeing a documentary at IFC, Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog
we stepped out into rain! A nice cool down. We tried to have dinner at one place but it wasn't open so we stopped at a place on West 10th for wine and appetizer. A yummy melted brie with honey and pine nuts. Perfectly scrumptious. I have to remember to make this at home. The food being prepared for dinner smelled so good that we ended up having dinner at this same little restaurant. A nice end to that day. On Sunday morning, we had brunch with our family in New Jersey. One of us decided to have the Napoleon...can you believe how this looks! It was an amazing breakfast dish. Okay, so maybe I'll make this at home some day, too.

After dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Sunday night, we went for dessert to Red Mango for REAL yogurt with toppings. I had green tea yogurt with dried cranberries and Chuck had vanilla yogurt with pineapples, strawberries and graham crackers crumbs. Whew!

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