Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Etsy shop, Fritzi

I'm having such a good time with making totes for Fritzi, our Etsy (rhymes with Betsy) shop. I just put a few new bags in the shop. The polka dotty one got scooped up already, even before I put it on the shelf! Mainly, I'm using fabric that was headed for the landfill. All is new, unused, but was either a cast off from upholstery jobs (commercial or personal) or quilt projects (that seemed like a good idea at the time.) I've been really lucky that people are willing to pass the fabric along to be re-purposed into totes.
Check out the shop and see what's new. I can also do special orders, check under the heading "alchemy."

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*kako said...

aww I love the first bag! unfortunately, by the time I have some spare cash (I know $15 is soo cheap for good stuff!!) it will probably be gone :( Oh well, I'll check back and probably find one I like even more :)

Have you finished your elfshelf project or is that still going on? I browsed through some of your older entries a few days ago ^_^