Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eggplant and zucchini

This week's market day was very hot, but people came out in droves, happy to have lots of organic vegetables. I brought home some eggplants and zucchini and decided to stay in and cook and bake today. Pretty crazy considering how hot it is outside. I heated up my kitchen even with the air conditioning and fan going. I think it's worth it, because right now, I have a chocolate and zucchini cake in the oven and a batch of caponata in the refrigerator, chilling. You can check out the recipes on my Vox blog.

If I can keep Chuck from cutting into it, the cake will be set aside for our 5th of July party. The 4th of July, for those of you outside of the U.S., is the birthday of the U.S.A. Chuck and I have birthdays before and after so I'm making the 5th our combined birthday celebrations. We're going to have a potluck, with Jack opening the gate between our two yards, for lots of room to eat and dance. Yes, dance. Let's hope that by then, the weather will be nice enough for us to get active.

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