Thursday, June 26, 2008

Market day, another hot one!

It was a really hot market day. High 90s/30s with high humidity. No matter how much water I drank, I still felt kind of ill by the end of our work and while packing up the vehicle, it seemed like I was moving through pudding, as our cousin used to say in humid weather. Pudding!! I came home and crashed into a seemingly drugged sleep. It's still too hot to walk the dog at 7 pm (98/34) Our Arizona and San Fernando Valley, California relatives have been having triple digit (F) temps so I can't complain...oh yes I can, and do!! Aaaagh, it's HOT! Okay, I'm over that. Thanks for listening. Back to the vegetables.
Look at our lovely carrots. Notice the small double one, and check out the crazy radish! You never see this in super markets. The really odd ones don't make it past the uniformity inspectors, I suspect. This little guy (eggplant) was checking out the carrots. His "nose" give him such a personality. (maybe it's a "her," silly moi.)
The lettuces were very beautiful today. We sold out of them.

The beautiful flowers were a gift from Amy, of Amy's Organics, who has a stand across from ours. She came across the patio area at the end and said "These are for you, ladies!" Two beautiful bunches of the flowers.

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JB said...

What awesome pictuures. One day I will get there.